Welcome to our FAQ page, we aim to answer all your questions within this page.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, then please email our support team support@doctor.medy.co.uk.

Using the service

How can I speak with someone from the Doctor Medy support team directly?

Please visit the Contact Us page of the website. Alternatively, you can contact our support team on 0203 290 6042 between the hours of 8am-8pm Monday to Friday.

Outside of these hours please email support@doctor.medy.co.uk and the team will respond as quickly as possible.

I have a medical question or health concern about myself or my child, what do I do?
You can book a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your medical question or health concern.

Before your consultation can be scheduled you will be asked to choose between a 10min consultation and a 30min consultation.

When do I pay for my consultation?
After you have chosen your preferred consultation time, provided us with your symptoms and concerns you will be asked for your payment details.

A payment is immediately taken and your appointment will be scheduled by one of our support team.

How do I book a doctor consultation?
To book a consultation to speak with a doctor, select Book a Consultation from the Home page https://www.doctor.medy.co.uk/.

You will be prompted to provide your preferred consultation time, phone or video preference, asked for your symptoms and concerns and finally you will be asked for your payment details.

Can I choose a female or male doctor?
We do not currently have the option to choose a female or male doctor via our site. Please contact us at support@doctor.medy.co.uk if this is an issue and our support team will assist you.

Can I cancel my appointment?

The only way to do this is by calling our support team on 0203 290 6042 between the hours of 8am-8pm Monday to Friday. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.

You can cancel appointments up to 24 hours before your appointment without charge. If you book a consultation by mistake, you have 2 hours after booking to cancel the appointment before you are charged.

I missed my appointment but I still want to speak to a doctor. What do I do?
Please book another consultation using our site. Please see cancellation FAQ directly above.

I'd like to use Skype. What do I do?
Please sign-up to Skype by visiting by following this link Skype sign-up.

I'd like to find my local mental health support services. What do I do?
Please visit the NHS Choices web site by following this link Find out more.


What are my payment options?

We accept all payment cards.

How do I update my payment information?
We do not store your payment information, this feature may be available in the future.

I am having problems with my payment, what do I do?
Please contact us direct at support@doctor.medy.co.uk

Will I be refunded if I miss my appointment due to my connection issues?
No, unfortunately not. You need to ensure that at the time of your consultation you have a good WiFi or mobile internet connection.

I want to cancel my appointment, will I be refunded?
If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time, you will still be charged. If you cancel your appointment more than 24 hours before the time of your consultation, you will not be charged.

Will I receive an account summary?
No you won’t. You will, however, receive immediate email confirmation of any payment.


How do I update my payment information?

Security is of paramount importance to us. We use encryption methods to pass your payment information to the payment gateway. Our site is secure uses a firewall to monitor all site activity by our users.

Are the consultations private?
Yes, completely private.

The doctor is always located in a private room when the consultation takes place.

Please try and find a quiet space for your consultation.

Are my medical notes shared? If so who with?
Your medical notes will never be shared with any third parties (i.e. Local doctor, employer etc.), unless you consent to this.

Where are my medical notes stored?
We store all your medical notes – including any primary / secondary care information and diagnosis information – on secure servers located in the UK.

Can I access my medical notes?
Yes, via a secure link – please contact us direct at support@doctor.medy.co.uk for access.

In the future we will include this as a feature of the web site and mobile application.


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