In May 2016 we ran a pilot to understand what patients are really looking for when sharing their medical issues and talking with a GMC registered doctor.

We discovered that our pilot patients were indifferent regarding same sex doctor unless it’s relating to a sexual issue.

Here is a quick summary of all our other findings based on feedback from our pilot patients:

  • 75% of patients preferred to talk over the phone
  • 60% of patients are willing to endure average levels of pain before thinking about contacting a doctor for expert advice
  • 55% of patients would feel comfortable describing their symptoms to a doctor via a video consultation
  • 55% of patients would be prepared to wait up to 1 day to see a doctor using a remote consultation service
  • 40% of patients would feel comfortable sharing their medical history with Medy GMC registered doctor
  • 40% of patients are using general medication such as paracetamol to self manage their non-urgent medical issue
  • 30% of patients are experiencing symptoms which have been troubling them for over a month and 30% up to 1 month
  • 30% of patients are choosing not to use over the counter medication for thier non-urgent medical issue
  • Typical medical symptoms discussed related to the patients – stomach, knee, back, foot and skin conditions
  • Patients under 40 years old are willing to pay up to £20 for a 10 min consultation with a GMC registered doctor





  • Part 1 of the Doctor Medy pilot aimed to find out what types of symptoms patients are generally looking to discuss remotely with their doctor.
  • As well as questions like, how long has the patient been experiencing their symptoms and if they have a preference for a female or a male doctor.
  • Your answers and feedback enabled us to validate and gave us a deeper understanding of what patients are really looking for within a remote advice doctor consultation setting.
  • Please note –  all information provided will always be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.
  • We still want to here from curious patients who are new to this new way of consultation and please allow 15 minutes to complete questionnaire.