Pilot Consultations

We are running a Doctor Medy pilot and looking for participants.

If you have a non-urgent medical issue, looking for a second opinion or interested in discovering a new way of talking to your doctor.  

Start a consultation with one of our GMC registered GP’s today.

We want to understand what patients want – when given the opportunity to talk to a friendly doctor over the phone or video conference.




  • The pilot gives pilot patients the opportunity to experience a remote GP consultation via telephone or video conference (Skype, Google Hangouts or similar)
  • We will ask pilot patients to enter their personal details including symptoms, choose a suitable slot and make a small payment.
  • We have various consultation dates available until February 2017.
  • We offer discounted rates for your first pilot GP consultation.
  • Any personal and medical information provided will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.
  • Please allow a minimum of 2 minutes to complete the appointment booking process.
Medical Insurance

As this is a pilot, Doctor Medy offers the consultation as a part of a learning experience for Doctor Medy and as such special conditions apply to insurance.

Please check out our terms of service before your consultation – see section 13b on medical indemnity – https://www.doctor.medy.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/