Be there for your friends and family – reach out if they are acting differently

1 in 4 of us will experience some type of emotional stress in any given year. We are here to listen and guide you in the right direction.

Ready to share with a qualified healthcare professional who can listen and provide impartial guidance over a 50 minute consultation?

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At the end of the session the aim is for you to understand one of the following:

  • What you’re feeling is normal and will self correct over time
  • How to get further support in your local area
  • You have a choice – do nothing or have further sessions


All information you provide to us will be kept confidential and not stored at your request. We use encryption and secure connections to protect our users and healthcare professionals.

Common issues we all experience

Common issues we all may face are:

  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Drinking too much
  • Taking drugs

Or may be we are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, having just hit a birthday milestone or having reached a career goal.

The good news is that we are all facing similar challenges and there are NHS trained professionals who are available to talk you through it.

Already being treated by a healthcare professional

Please note if you have already been diagnosed with a severe psychological disorder and are currently working with (or have the opportunity to) a psychiatrist or psychologist locally, then you will need to speak to them directly or contact your local mental health support services.

Find out more about contacting your local mental health support services and using our service in our FAQ section.

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A middle-aged man

A middle-aged man

Sexual desire and arousal

Approached the psychologist with issues around sexual desire and arousal. After a single confidential talk with the psychologist about his issue, he was put in touch with an organisation that could refer him to a skilled psycho-sexual therapist, and given details about 'Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous' (SLAA) meetings in his area.

A man from London

A man from London

Problematic drinking

Had several CBT sessions with the psychologist over 5 months to address his problematic drinking. Working on a gradual change plan, he was able to reduce his use of alcohol by approximately 30% overall, and have at least 2 alcohol free evenings per week.

A woman in her 30s

A woman in her 30s

Sleep problems

Had 6 sessions with the psychologist to work on sleep problems. A highly structured CBT-I (cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia) strategy was used, and the client work hard at between-session activities. Overall, the client reported that sleep duration and quality improved, and her 'worrying about sleep' thoughts decreased.

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